Clever crows develop smart food recovery tactics

The fact : Crows generally are seen as bad omens or annoying thieves bastards. But crows are smart, brillant reasoning birds. Some crows may have developed, as an exemple, kind of surprising eating strategies : using trafic circulation and walkway signals to crush and safelyrecover walnuts.

That's what this little documentary shows : like seagull smartly trying to open carapaces by dropping crabs from sky to rocks, crows of this Japan town drop walnuts on the floor to break their shell. Interesting strategy but some walnuts still remains intact. Those coriaceous ones, the bird have to deal with...

Now crows that aren't blind and brainless have learn to drop walnuts on the roads : cars roll on the nuts and break them. Food has just to be eaten now!

"Just to be eaten?" well, looks like it's a little dangerous to go through the trafic to take back food... So third learning step, crows drop their walnut on special parts of the roads : right on crosswalks. Yeah, they've managed to learn that sometimes, cars stopped but they never stopped in this particular place. Plus, there's a colored signal pointing the right moment. When the human's red, cars crush the nuts. When the man's green, this is safe way. Crows just now have to wait for green and go eat the nuts. Bon appetit !