Internet addiction / Internet practice troubles

The Neurocritic discuss in an interesting article(1) about the meaning of what Kimberley Young calls Internet addiction. In 1996, Young proposed in "Internet addiction, the emergence of a new clinical disorder" some criterias that may be used to diagnose this controversal condition. Here are some facts about this curious disease.

Far away from the debate, here are some clinical facts about use of internet, including mails, games or other web practices.

Teenages, the easier target of Internet addiction?

Contrary to what medias commonly divulgate, not teenages but adults from 20 to 30 years olds seem to be more concerned by intensive practice of games or others activities ont the web.

Internet Kills !

As well as taking a bath is the sea with a knight's armor. This is really rare (but it did happen !). Medias nonetheless strongly exaggerate dangerosity of internet, as they prefer emotionnal schock rather than reasonnable discuss about real dangers of "Internet addiction", such as lack of sociabilization, affective retreat... It is funny that parents self-scandalize about dangerosity of computer when the number of road kills, because of the portable telephon, increase. Adults are far more concerned by risky behaviors related to technology, than their kids.

Affective recession in internet addiction

As well as for other addictions, men with Internet practice troubles tends to underestim their dependance. Some clues in conversation point out their internet activity is omnipresent in mind to us. Such behaviors, like leaving early a party with their friends in order to reach the screen, breaking conversation to make "something more urgent", or being irritable when no connexion is possible, can show Internet can be a bind for some men. Still, the controversy about considering Internet practice troubles as addiction remains vigourous. As an addiction, Internet addiction would be closely related to others acknowledged addictions such as alcoolism or gambling addiction (casinos).

Internet Addiction at work?

Some says Internet addiction exists, even at work : Actually, a real study by Hewlett Packard showed that one adult on five could rather treat and answer their mails besides missing lunch time.

Want to know more? Here are some interesting further readings :
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