Most wins in the Tour de France ... and most canceled victories

Lance Armstrong is a bit of Tour de France history by himself. Between 1999 and 2005, this (fake?) Champion has won no fewer than seven Tours in a row, and with that, a quite interesting amount of money. That was the world records for the most wins in the Tour. Unfortunately these victories were canceled by the International Cycling Union in 2012, So, Armstrong also holds the world records of canceled victories on the great Tour. Armstrong will unfortunately never have the chance to loose another victory, because he is (sadly) struck off for life!

4 winners of the Tour de France had previously reached up to 5 wins (Anquetil, Merckx, Hinault, Indurain), this was rarely done on five years in a row. On this, one can recognize that Lance Armstrong had totally dominated the Tour de France, in the beginning of this millennium, since he consecutively took 7 wins, whose brightness was enhanced by the fact that, having declared cancer in 1996 on his right testicle Armstrong competed, following a removal of the responsible body part, with only half his manhood. Nevertheless, he still seemed fresh in the saddle, winning during his 7 Tours, more than 20 stage wins.

It's mostly from 2010 as the buttocks of the bicycle-rider began to heat, when a former teammate admitted its doping and that of his colleagues. In the following years, the fall-down was quick and the runner was stripped of many awards, both sports (wins in the Tour stages and against-the clock, championship wins) and cultural. He is thus one of the few decorated with the Legion of Honour (a highly honourable french distinction) having been stripped of the award, like Maurice Papon (a guy who sent jews to the nazi camps) or ex-policeman JC Labourdette (a gunrunner).