The man who lost the most boxing matches

Becoming a legend in the boxing world remains the challenge of a whole career. Tyson, Mayweather, Ali ... These boxers survive in the pantheon of sports through their outstanding track record. Reggie Strickland definatly is one of them, as he holds a world record kinda hard to reach - altough he may have not asked for : this super middleweight is the boxer who lost the highest number of professional boxing fights during his career, with 276 losses ...! 

Sure, we have to acknowledge that Strickland has played more than 360 pros fights in a 18 years career, not to mention those for whom he fought under a pseudonym. He was, like many professional boxers, the type of fighter (called journeyman) that federations use as testing opponents to select boxers who will become challengers. In other words, he was cannon fodder, like a punching bag that was used to evaluate the newcomers, so as to assign them to the right place. 

Img below : Reggie "punching bag" Strickland before a fight. Above: after. 

However, Reggie Strickland was not a bad fighter, or an eternal looser, since he won at least 66 games during his career. He suffered only 25 KO out of 363 games played. Actually, he often lost by judges' decision - basically subjective defeats, especially if you agree with rumors saying that this sort of matches was only made to promote the newcomers statistics. Reggie himself declared several times that judges decisions were quite unfair (especially when he lost). He may indeed have had better records with normal fights. Fact remains that with 276 losses, Reggie "Smashed-in-da-face-man" Strickland won the gold punching bag with the absolute record of defeats in professional boxing, just a little ahead of Peter "Professor" Buckley and his 256 defeats for nearly 300 games. 

We still recognize the merit (perhaps masochism) for Reggie, who dared to play more fights each month that elite boxers generally do in a year. 

Img : Peter Buckley and his trophy. The equivalent of a golden boot for a soccer player.