The man who travelled the farthest in the future

Sergei Krikaliov (sometimes Krikalev) is the man who spent the most time in space: nearly 804 days away from Earth (well, not that far: only about 370 km high), through ​​6 space trips. Also an excellent pilot, he's one of the world champions in aerobatics (1997). 

Because of this world (space) record, he holds the unusual record of the man who travelled the farthest in time (in record time saved) : all this time spent on his journeys accross space at high speed, made him earn a few hundredths of a second (approximately 0.02 seconds). 

So of course he has other anecdotal records as the highest number of farts in space or the highest amount of recycled urine that has been drunk into space, but such records generally go unnoticed. Living in space, is not as great as it looks.