A deadly record, the man who drank 56 shots... only once.

Friday, October 24, 2014, a family dad who went out in a shot bar in Clermont-Ferrand (France) with his daughter and her 3 friends, fell into an alcoholic coma after drinking 56 shots, trying (and succeeding in) to break the bar's records of number of shots drunk in a single evening. He sadly didn't enjoy his prowess for long, as he died a few hours after of a cardiac arrest. Which is probably unnecessary to specify the cause. 

Renaud P. (requires anonymity), felt a bit lonely Friday night, so, his generous daughter invited him to join her and her three friends, to spend the evening together . All began with a dinner consisting of pizzas with a few glasses of wine, after which, 10:30 p.m., the group decided to go to a shots bar in Clermont-Ferrand, France, for the "try"... Evening quickly transformed into a drinking party, and Renaud had already consumed 14 cocktails before noticing an intriguing slate, where was written : "Boys Records: *** 55 shots.

Drink shots, or shooters, comes from Anglo-Saxon countries, following fashion of Binge-drinking, defined as quickly drink large amounts of alcohol. The Shots consist of small drinks from 25 to 100 ml containing one or more high-alcoholized spirits, usually cocktailed with ingredients that help the mixture pass through the throat without a fuss. 

Sensing the potential for his 120 kg (265 lbs), Renaud decided to accept the challenge and ordered 30 more shots, which he swallowed in a few minutes, cheered up by the barman and customers. 12 more, and the record will be broken. Renaud ordered, Renaud drank, Renaud paid and then tried to recover a bit on a bench, savoring his victory : on the slate now appears: "Boys Records: Renaud, 56 shots

Some ten minutes later, the group finally decided it was time to go, but the fifty years old man was in pretty bad shape. Loaded into the car by his new young friends, it seemed dozing, loudly snoring during the trip. When the vehicle stopped, things began to get worse: the semi-conscious father threw up all he could. Police and emergency services were alerted, but arrived too late at 1:50, Renaud was already in cardiac arrest, and couldn't be reanimated. Some records can be broken only once by a same person.

Original Source : La Montagne, Auvergne. Il est mort après avoir participé à un concours de shooters, sa fille témoigne. S. Barnouin. 2014, 10, 29