The longest human fart in history

In Britain, land of the elegance and yet the subtle humor, a man recently became famous by the depth and sound quality of his intestinal fragrances. Mister Methane, as the name suggests, is a real masked super-zero whose characteristic seems to be an amazing sphincters control, which he demonstrates by performing various obnoxious musical works, and incidentally, a video in which he made the longest fart ever recorded in the world (so far).

It's usually in the USA or Japan, since it is often over there where we can witness the most extraordinary - and sometimes pathetic - demonstrations of innovative talents, one might encounter such a genius. This time, he is British : Mister Methane (who remains anonymous by wearing a mask, which may prove that he still has some dignity) is an expert in the art of controlled flatulence (as indicates his site, he's a "Performing Flatulist." professional P├ętomane whatever.). Are we saying "expert"? You have to see it to believe : this man is capable of ejecting his winds with sufficient force to blow out the candles on a birthday cake. He can just as easily use a blowgun by placing it in his ***, to knock out a balloon with the strength and breath of his superpower. Finally, he is also capable of using his miasma as sound instruments, and sing tunes such as a watered-down version of the famous Blue Danube by Strauss (who may have been scandalized, though, by such a sassy cover). 

Of course, if they want to be admired, all these exploits need to be performed outdoors or at least, in a well ventilated room, since it could be some kind of distasteful experience to the audience's senses. One would have thought the masked guy would have remained in complete anonymity, showing such a pretty vulgar and useless talent. However, Mr Methane was able to rise public awareness by reaching the semifinals of Britain's Got Talent, losing narrowly against a dancing dog, but acquiring a reputation which he renews by achieving this extraordinary incongruous world record - disgusting, you might say - the world record for the longest fart in human history. And boys, we feel (without pun) he knows how to tighten buttocks and how to prolong pleasure. 59 seconds of uninterrupted relaxation (without any fear and/or eject). Well, one might say he's finally not a bad ass.

Mr Methane, the site