The smallest cats world records

Officially, the smallest cat in the world, Tinker Toy, is a Himalayan 2,75 inches (7 cm) tall (at the shoulder) and 7,25 inches (19 cm) long (excluding tail). Several other contenders for the title of the smallest sweetness ball - which many are actually fakes - are pretending to the world record of the smallest cat ever.

Mr Peebles

You may have recently seen this picture as you surfed on the web, with an incredibly tiny cat sometimes referred as Mr Peebles. How cute is this adorable little cat who seems to barely stand on his feets, as well as on its master's fingers. It is said to be, despite his appearance, already 2 years old. Amazingly sweet, I must admit. It reveals however to be no less than a dumb hoax published in recent years: the artwork is certainly wonderful, but it is also excessively photoshopped.

Mr Peebles [1] however, is a real cat, indeed reaching quite a miniature size : he weighed only 1.3 kg (2,8 lbs.) at 2 years (cats of this race, normally weigh 3.5 to 4.5 kg). Found by veterinarian Donna Sassman, of the Good Shepherd Veterinary Clinic in Illinois, Mr. Peebles actually had some defects, especially of the spine, giving him a strange alligator-like way of walking. He cries more than he meows, and because of its small size, is very sensitive to cold. In addition to his malformations, he had suffered breathing difficulties and malnutrition, but is now quite fine. Mr Peebles measured 31 cm (12,2 inches) long (excluding tail about 17.8 cm), reaching only 15.5 cm (6,1 in) high when his vital statistics were established, its weight has moved up to about 1.5 kg (3,3 lbs.). His mother, brothers and sisters, yet had a very normal size.

Pete the Cat

In 1973, "Pete" the cat [2] was tipped to become the official smallest cat in the world: weighing 339 grams (0,75 lbs.) at 3 months (when his littermates already reached about 1.5 kg - 3,4lbs.), he never exceeded 907 grams (2 lbs.) but seemed rather fit and happy living: his owner, Jackie Reed, living in England, although describing it as a male dwarf, yet confirmed he was quite a full-of-life cat!

Fizz-girl and Pixel

Fizz-girl and his son Pixel, are Munchkin cats, a breed originating from the United States and known to have very short legs, like basset hounds. Because of this singular phenotype, Fizz-girl held in 2012, the world record for the smallest (actually, lowest) cat, only reaching 15.2 cm (6 in) at the shoulder. His son Pixel later beat the record by reaching only 12.7 cm (5 in)!

Itse Bitse and Tinker Toy

What a Himalayan looks like

In 2003, the title holder was a Himalayan/Siamese female: Itse Bitse measured only 9.5 cm (3,7 in) high and 38 cm long (15 in), at the age of two years.

The official smallest cat in the world, is a Himalayan/Persian, measured at two and a half years, just 7 cm (2,76 in) tall at the shoulder, and only 19 cm long (7,5 in), and is close to 700 grams (1,54 lbs.) weight only! Tinker Toy, born December 25, 1990, and died in November 1997, was owned by Katrina and Scott Forbes, two residents of Taylorville, Illinois. Again, genetic defects seems responsible for this exceptionally small size.

For more information:
[1] Saving Mr Peebles. College of veterinary medicine, University of Missouri